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Assurance Home Inspection Services llc.


interNACHI Certified Master Home Inspector

Specializing in Luxury & Fine Homes

Commercial Property Inspections

Air Quality Mold Testing

Pool Inspections


A quick word regarding perceived value versus cost. Understandably everyone shops for "the best price" or a "good deal" but what does that really mean or get you when buying a home? (which is typically one of the most expensive purchases in someone's life). We understand people price shop sometimes, and thats ok. That being said, the first thing I would ask any home inspector, or home inspection company your considering hiring, is how long have they been a Florida licensed home inspector & when were they licensed? You can easily look up a home inspectors license by their name at And will you be doing my home inspection, or will you be sending an employe or trainee? (and when were they licensed?) Also, be aware that a general contractor in Florida is allowed to do home a inspection, but a contractor is not anything like a professionally trained and experienced Master home inspector. And more than likely, they are not properly trained to do insurance inspections like Wind mitigations, 4-Point inspections, or a proper pool inspection. Our focus is on unsurpassed quality, not volume. Your home will always be our priority. 

*All inspections below are performed by our lead inspector Philip Gaither, an interNACHI certified Master Home Inspector (NOT an employee, or trainee) with over 3,000 inspections performed, 11+ years of experience inspecting homes in SW Florida, and 28 years of experience in the contracting & construction industry.  

**Limited FLIR Thermal imaginging inspection included with every home inspection. 

Inspection services pricing:

Condominiums starting at $375.00 

Single family homes, town homes/villas starting at: 

100 -1,999 sq. ft.             $475.00

2,000-2,999 sq. ft.           $550.00

3,000-3,499 sq. ft.           $650.00 

3,500-4,000 sq. ft.           $750.00

*3,500+ sq. ft. and larger and Multi family homes/properties, Commercial buildings, apartment buildings please call for pricing. 

**Additional fees may apply for homes & condominiums 20 years old or older, wood frame homes, 2+ story homes, homes with crawlspaces, travel time to properties out of our normal service area, and manufactured/mobile homes. Additional cost for unattached garages/buildings (starting at $100) 

Pool inspection (standard Fl. pool) with home inspection $150

*(does Not include water testing or pressure/leak testing)

Insurance inspections


Wind Mitigation inspections starting at: $150 

Citizens Four point inspections starting at: $200

Roof certification inspections starting at: $175

**Above inspection prices are for Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Fort Myers only, pricing will vary and may be higher for other locations out of our normal service area, please call for pricing/estimate 

Air Quality/mold testing (air cassette) sampling 


with a Home inspection-starting at $375

Includes one outdoor control air sample, and one indoor air sample for residential one story homes with 1 AC system 2,500 sq. ft. or less 

**Pricing for larger homes, homes with more than one HVAC system, multi family properties and commercial properties will increase

Swab or Tape sampling with home inspection: $75 per sample

-Stand alone Air quality/mold testing (air cassette) sampling- starting at $450 (one AC home under 2,500 sq. ft.) 

FHA/VA Water testing:


(testing for; coliform, nitrates, nitrites, and lead in water)

Starting at $350

**Above inspection prices are for Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Fort Myers only, pricing will vary for other towns/cities, please call for pricing/estimate

In depth FLIR infrared thermal inspections of home, to look for possible insulation & ventilation issues, possible moisture intrusion, and energy efficiency of building envelope (NOT included with home inspections); Starting at $600 

Residential Pool inspection services & pricing


Pool inspection (standard Fl. pool) with home inspection $150

*(does Not include water testing or pressure/leak testing)

Pool inspection & water testing (standard Fl. pool) with home inspection $250

*(does Not include pressure/leak testing)

Stand alone Pool inspections (without Home inspection)


Pool inspection standard Fl. pool starting at $275 

*(does Not include water testing or pressure/leak testing)

Pool inspection & water testing standard Fl. pool starting at $350

*(does Not include pressure/leak testing) 

*Pool inspections are limited visual inspections only, not a comprehensive pool inspections, do not include pressure/leak testing, and are NOT a warranty or gurantee of any kind) 

**Additional fees may apply for homes 30 years old or older, homes with crawlspaces, wood frame homes, and manufactured/mobile homes.

**Additional cost for unattached garages/buildings (starting at $100)

We believe that home inspection reports should be visually appealing, understandable, and full of useful information. And we believe the home inspection process should use and provide a modern web experience, fully integrated with the latest in technology. That is why we use Spectora inspection report software for our inspection reports, the most advanced, modern up to date sotware available for home inspections in the industry. Our inspection reports are generaly delivered on the same day, or within 24 hours. 

**As we do NOT do or perform seawall inspections, inspections of under/in water portions of boat docks, boat lifts, septic system inspections, environmental inspections, Chinese/defective drywall inspections/testing, Radon testing, or termite/WDO inspections (items that are NOT required by Fl. State & interNACHI standards of practice for home inspectors) clients and Realtors are advised to have the above inspections performed by the appropriately licensed inspectors if required or needed with an inspection.